About CtMS

Bruce Love and Meghan Rubenstein are collaborating to bring new material to the field of Mesoamerican Studies.

Research Contributions range from brief notes to extended articles and can include downloadable pieces that have been printed elsewhere (when permission is granted).

Corpus Volumes are collections of new photographs and drawings of monuments from throughout Mesoamerica with an emphasis on Maya inscriptions. We present photographs and drawings side by side in the classic Peabody Museum Corpus format, with little commentary other than measurements, provenience, and conditions of the pieces at the time the photographs were taken. The primary purpose is new data, not new interpretations.

Research notes or articles, including commentaries and interpretations of the corpus pieces, may be submitted and if accepted will appear in the ‘Research’ pages as ‘Contributions.’ We welcome papers in Spanish or English. Please forward submissions to brucelove9@gmail.com.