Corpus Volume 7

Itzimte Stelae at La Libertad, Petén, Guatemala

Stelae 5, 6, and 7 from Itzimte, Petén, at La Libertad municipio. Photographed April 26, 2016.

In April 2016, renowned guide and petenero Bernhard “Bernie” Mittelstaedt made arrangements with alcalde Benjamín Ipiña of La Libertad to allow access to the monuments to take night-time photographs. Their assistance is greatly appreciated.

Photographs and drawings by Bruce Love.

Vicinity Map: Locations of Itzimte and La Libertad, Petén, Guatemala. Source of base map: Mundo Maya, Maya World. Edición Quimera (2007).
Bernhard “Bernie” Mittlestaedt (left) and alcalde Benjamín Ipiña with Itzimte stelae in La Libertad, Petén (April 26, 2016).


Overview of Itzimte Stelae 5, 6, and 7

Stela 5, front

Stela 5, left side 
(right side also carved but could not be photographed)

Stela 5
Height at highest point: 1.75 m
Width at widest point: 0.86 m
Thickness: 0.60 m



Stela 6, front

Stela 6, front (with details)

Stela 6, left side

Stela 6
Height at highest point: 3.66 m
Width at widest point: 1.60 m
Thickness: 0.63 m



Stela 7, front

Stela 7, front (with details)

Stela 7, left side

Stela 7, right side

Stela 7
Height at highest point: 3.00 m
Width at widest point: 1.48 m
Thickness: 0.39 m



Suggested Citation: Love, Bruce. “Corpus Volume 7: Itzimte Stelae at La Libertad, Peten, Guatemala.” Contributions to Mesoamerican Studies, March 13, 2019.

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