Corpus Volume 10

Kaminaljuyu, Sculptures 10 and 65, MUNAE, Guatemala

Vicinity Map: Location of Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala. Source of base map: Mundo Maya, Maya World. Edición Quimera (2007).

Corpus Volume 10 consists of two monuments from Kaminaljuyu that are currently on public display at the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MUNAE) in Guatemala City.

Bruce Love photographed the monuments with the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala (Administrative Resolution No. DAJ-294-2018) on July 31 and August 3, 2018, working at night with side-raking flash. Love wishes to thank Lic. Daniel Aquino for arranging permissions and access to the museum at night and Alejandro Garay for invaluable assistance with the photography.

Lucia R. Henderson illustrated Kaminaljuyu Sculptures 10 and 65 using a multi-stage process. These monuments were first sketched in person using a number of different lighting sources, producing field drawings on paper. They were then photographed with varying angles of raking light. Referencing both the field drawings and the photographs, Henderson created digital illustration drafts on a drawing tablet. Henderson then returned to the sculptures and corrected these drafts in person. For the reverse of Sculpture 65, Henderson used nighttime photos taken by Arturo Godoy for additional corrections.

To produce the drawings of the upper and lower texts of Sculpture 10, Henderson worked with Dr. David Stuart in front of the sculpture for several hours comparing the texts to photographs and previously published drawings to ensure the highest level of precision. The process of recording these and other Kaminaljuyu monuments took place over several years, from 2006 to 2013 (work is still ongoing). These illustrations would not have been possible without the generous access provided by the MUNAE and its directors over the years, including Lic. Claudia Monzón, Dr. Juan Carlos Meléndez, and Lic. Daniel Aquino.

If you would like to learn more about the monuments of Kaminaljuyu, we suggest the following resources:

Henderson, Lucia R. 2013. Bodies Politic, Bodies in Stone : Imagery of the Human and the Divine in the Sculpture of Late Preclassic Kaminaljuyú, Guatemala. PhD dissertation, University of Texas, Austin.

Henderson, Lucia R. Forthcoming, expected January 2021. Bodies in Stone: the Sculpture of Preclassic Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala. Peabody Museum Memoirs. Peabody Museum Press, Cambridge, MA. You may contact the author at this email address for more information.

Kaminaljuyu, Sculptures 10 and 65
Photographs by Bruce Love. Drawings by Lucia R. Henderson.

Kaminaljuyu, Sculpture 10
Height: 1.22 m
Width: 1.11 m

Kaminaljuyu, Sculpture 65 obverse
Height: 2.65 m
Width: 2.04 m

Kaminaljuyu, Sculpture 65 reverse

Kaminaljuyu, Sculpture 65, upper glyphs

Kaminaljuyu, Sculpture 65, lower glyphs

Suggested Citation: Love, Bruce and Lucia R. Henderson. “Corpus Volume 10: Kaminaljuyu, Sculptures 10 and 65, MUNAE, Guatemala.” Contributions to Mesoamerican Studies, February 4, 2020.

Downloadable PDF: CtMS_Corpus_V010_Kaminaljuyu_MUNAE_Guatemala


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