Research Contribution 6

Traditions and Innovations around the 260-day Calendar among Contemporary K’iche’: the Case of the Day Imox

Iván Canek Estrada Peña has his licenciatura in Latin American Studies from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, UNAM, and is currently teacher and Ph.D. candidate in Mesoamerican Studies at the same institution. There he is developing a research project focused on the use of the 260-day count among the K’iche.

In 2011, he won the Palenque Prize awarded by INAH to young researchers; likewise, in 2015, he received the Eduardo P. Archetti award for the best anthropological Master’s thesis on Ecuador, Guatemala, Norway, and Argentina. This thesis, which includes results of fieldwork among K’iche’ Maya from 2009 to 2011 has been published, slightly edited, by Editorial Antropofagia in Argentina and is published here, with the author’s permission, in its original form as he presented it to UNAM to obtain his degree.

Downloadable PDF: Tradiciones y novedades en torno al calendario de 260 días entre los K’iche’ contemporaneos. El caso del día Imox Iván Canek Estrada Peña, 2014