Research Contribution 12

A Catalog of Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza: Second Edition

Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza 2nd Edition cover

After publication of the 2021 catalog, it was discovered that twenty-two glyphs from the Northwest Colonnade were inadvertently omitted, which required us to publish a revised edition to include them. In this revised edition of the catalog, they appear on pp. 227-270. Then, in 2021, I had the privilege of photographing a recent discovery by site archaeologists José Francisco Osorio and Francisco Pérez, a squarish tabletop-like stone slab carved on all four edges with processions of captives and captors. Eleven of the captives sport glyphs in front of their profile heads, which are here added to our catalog on pages 441-454, and which, when counted with the aforementioned Northwest Colonnade, increases our total number of non-Maya glyphs at Chichen from 230 to 263 (a number to be taken with a grain of salt since there are certainly more examples not yet known or cataloged, and we, the publishers, admit that in some cases glyphs cataloged here could be iconography and not writing). We look forward to publishing a third edition when new discoveries are made and more non-Maya glyphs get recorded.

Bruce Love
November 17, 2022
Juniper Hills, California

Suggested citation: Love, Bruce and Meghan Rubenstein. “A Catalog of Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza: Second Edition” Contributions to Mesoamerican Studies, November 28, 2022.

Downloadable PDF: A Catalog of Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza, Second Edition, assembled by Bruce Love and Meghan Rubenstein