A Catalog of Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza: Second Edition

The second edition of A Catalog of Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza includes twenty-two glyphs from the Northwest Colonnade that were inadvertently omitted from the first edition and an additional eleven glyphs from the Caracoles Mesa, recently discovered by site archaeologists José Francisco Osorio and Francisco Pérez in the Temple of the Snails (Caracoles) building in the Initial Series Group.

As with the previous version shared in June 2021, this catalog is offered without interpretation with the focus on the data themselves. We hope the updated catalog, presented in the same digital format, will allow for wide distribution and easy navigation of these hieroglyphs.

-Bruce Love and Meghan Rubenstein

Research Contribution 12: A Catalog of Non-Maya Glyphs at Chichen Itza: Second Edition, assembled by Bruce Love and Meghan Rubenstein